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abstract expressionist artist

I believe that a work of abstract art attempting to offer meaning and provoke conversation must be more than a pretty picture. It offers viewers an opportunity to think about the artist's reality, and our collective reality.

Show Up and stay true

24 x 36, Mixed Media with Handmade Paper, 2020


My paintings

" not just sit on the wall. They leap off."

A masterful colorist, whose ability to manage all of the vibrational energy is nothing short of a classical music conductor, who can guide the orchestra through a path in time, as waves and waves of sound activate the air.

Indeed Gamble’s paintings are not at rest. They do not capture a moment frozen but emanate outward to the viewer a symphony of energy, not all at once, but as a narrative. What kind of score do her paintings present to us?

Color is vibration, sound is vibration. Gravity is vibration. The concepts of energy and mass being simply two forms of the same property (after all a vibration is not a thing, it is a potential state of a thing) are described in her painting as scientific theories that bear out a thesis that all is one. Our understanding of the cosmos suggests we are in a universe of rock, vast emptiness, and the occasional star. Lawna Gamble’s painting shows us there is much more to the universe.

- Robert Andersen, Fine Art Collector

My journey

Education and Artist Residencies

  • Undergraduate Fine Arts Program at Spelman College
  • Post-graduate Degree concentrating on Arts Management from Case Western Reserve University (MNO) and Adler Graduate School
  • Early career curatorial endeavors include employment at Hammonds House Museum (Atlanta), National Museum of American History (Washington, DC), Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.
  • Private Artist-in-Residence in Detroit, MI

Art Expression Corporate and Community Initiatives

  • Art Educator (Charlotte, NC)
  • Ideastream Public Media (Cleveland, OH)
  • Willow Cove Art and Wellness, LLC (Cleveland, OH)
  • Positive Education Program (Cleveland, OH)
  • St. Luke's Foundation (Cleveland, OH)
  • Neighborhood Connections (Cleveland, OH)
  • Bumper Crop Farm (Cleveland, OH)
  • Sagacy Coaching (San Jose, CA)

where we all came from

Dimensions: 18 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas

Concept: Stages of life

Year: 2019, Private Collection

Squeeze the paint,

pick up the brush, swipe.


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Art is for everyone, and we all have a creative side.

Individuals, couples, groups, and work teams are welcome to experience artistic expression. In-person and virtual options are available. If you'd like to see other projects, click here. For a deeper dialogue about how to work with me, please send a direct message to


Tired of having the same relationship struggles over and over? Does it seem like you end up with the same outcome regardless of how many times you talk about a situation? Are you disenchanted with the pattern of disconnection and distress?

Creative solutions may provide a lot more satisfaction! Art-making is a conflict resolution technique and meditation in action.

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